Is Discovering the Northern Lights on Your Bucket List?

Is Discovering the Northern Lights on Your Bucket List?

Up Norway have created itineraries that will please the most discerning travellers offering distinctive experiences to see the sparkling jewels of the Northern Hemisphere’s skyline.

Bespoke tour operator Up Norway has launched a new Northern Lights program that will take travellers to the furthermost ranges of the northern section of Norway’s coastline to witness the greatest spectacle the night sky has to offer. Whether you have a lust for lux or value the simplistic luxury of getting back to basics, Up Norway’s selection of experiences are sure to astound.

The Northern Lights program features 5 itineraries that are dedicated to sustainable tourism, using locals to guide guests making all experiences authentic and giving visitors a true taste of Norwegian life.

THE ARCTIC HIDEAWAY - A Cabin Stay Amidst Nature – Perfect for Digital Detox Starts from USD 1,750, AUD 2,450, NZD 2,530, full board for two guests.

From October until mid-January there will be no sun, but you will have incredible views of the moon, stars and the Northern Lights. If you crave complete creative contemplation, a setting that is hard to find anywhere else on earth, a stay in the eco-friendly cabins with floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular views of the mountains of the famous Lofoten archipelago, as well as the sea and the sky beyond, spiritual upliftment for the weariest souls is guaranteed.

NORTHERN LIGHTS TESLA EXPERIENCE - A less commercial Northern Lights Experience
1 evening priced from USD 255, AUD 360, NZ 370

On this intimate voyage, along Tromsø’s Arctic roads in pursuit of the Northern Lights, you’ll feel snug as a bug bundled up in winter woollies in a zero emission, magically silent, powerful performance Tesla Model X car. You’ll have a private guide to teach you about photography settings and also the science behind the lights.

ARCHITECTURE & NATURE IN HARMONY AT MANSHAUSEN - Where the Sea Meets Mountains Starts from USD 905, AUD 1,270, NZ 1,310 per person for a 3-day Stay in a seaside cabin

Architecture, outdoors lovers, luxury seekers and sea-foodies will adore Manhausen. The cabins have received international acclaim for their unique design and dramatic setting. The place is a world of its own, situated in the coastal area of Steigen. It is also a dream realized by polar explorer Børge Ousland, who aims to make this magical place climate-neutral by 2021. The perfect place for a true coastal adventure and the chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

LIFE (AND CHEESE) ON THE EDGE AT ANDØYA - Cheese Making Course in Northern Norway
Starts from USD 795, AUD 1,115, NZ 1,150 per person 2-days

At Nordtun Farm and Marmelkroken lodge, wedged in between mountains and the rugged sea high up above the Arctic Circle you, will encounter the heartiest people, meet the friendliest animals and try the tastiest homemade cheese (and wine) and sleep with the greatest view. Often in the winter, you are accompanied by the dancing Northern Lights.

LOFOTEN AUTUMN WEEKEND - Luxury Micro Adventure to the Lofoten Islands

Starts from USD 1,405, AUD 1,970, NZ 2,030 per person 4 nights (based on 6 people sharing a 3-bedroom apartment)

Lofoten is epic nature on steroids! featuring huge contrasts between dizzying peaks, bone-white Arctic beaches and lively fishing communities. It’s also the Kingdom of the Weather Gods, the constantly changing climatic conditions, light and seasons are an attraction in themselves. Your stay includes three adventures led by a professional mountain guide; in Autumn this could be two hikes or trail runs, and one kayaking trip. You will also be taken on a fishing trip with local fisherman in a sjark (local fishing boat) and get to use the private sauna and wood-fired hot tub.